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Emergency Breakdown Hire

Refrigerated and Freezer Hire

We understand that emergencies can happen at the worst moments. Maybe your refrigerator has broken down on a hot day or your power supply to your freezer has been interrupted. That’s why we offer a fast response emergency fridge hire service run by a friendly and helpful team of professional technicians based in Sussex. We work with customers across Surrey, Hampshire and surrounding areas.

In the event of an emergency breakdown we can be at your side in 4 hours within approximately 60 mile radius 24/7.  we have 3 m and 4 m fridge and freezer trailers to rent at short notice, so if you find yourself feeling the heat we can cool you off and get the stress out of the situation. 

All the fridges and freezers supplied as part of our emergency breakdown rental service are well maintained, and equipped with shelves, lights, and easy access. We are highly flexible with drop-off and pick-up available across Surrey, Hampshire and local areas. Our helpful engineers will complete all installation so you can focus on running a great event. 
Benefits of our emergency breakdown fridge hire:

-    Available 24/7
-    Skilled installation engineers 
-    Well maintained rental fridges and freezers 
-    Free delivery 
-    With you in 4 hours 


Get a Quote

Looking for a fast and affordable quote for emergency fridge or freezer hire? Get in touch with the team in Sussex. We’ll find out what you are looking for, and find the best option for your event, whatever the size. 

To make an enquiry about our breakdown hire for fridges and freezers, please contact us by phone or email. We are happy to serve customers across the Hampshire and Surrey areas. 

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